Unveiling the streaming revolution: a conversation with Thomas Clavelloux (Molotov)

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This episode of Subscription League is set to unveil the heart-pounding insights shared by Thomas Clavelloux, Chief Data Officer at Molotov, a leading French TV streaming platform. In this conversation hosted by Purchasely, we explore data management, subscription strategies, and the ever-evolving landscape of streaming platforms. 

The Molotov TV experience - Redefining how we consume TV

molotov tv - subscription league podcast by Purchasely

Thomas takes us on a journey into the world of Molotov TV, where the traditional TV-watching culture finds a new home in the digital era. Unlike conventional streaming services, Molotov TV seamlessly blends the charm of old-school television with the convenience of digital platforms, bringing forth a captivating experience that transcends time and space. With its array of innovative features and accessibility across devices, Molotov TV reimagines how we engage with television, bridging the gap between the past and the future of entertainment.

The data-driven evolution of TV landscapes

With a decade of experience in the TV industry, Thomas shares how data management and insights have become the driving forces behind the democratization of TV interactions. The advent of AI has boosted the TV landscape, powering generative, developmental, asset, and video/picture-based applications.

Staying ahead in this ever-changing landscape requires nurturing talent, following market trends, and adapting to insightful solutions that emerge worldwide. 

How is the advent of AI is boosting the TV landscape? Listen to the Full episode here 👇



The role of a Chief Data Officer - Nurturing business and data platforms

Wearing the role of chief data officer for a TV streaming platform is quite of a unique experience. As the Chief Data Officer himself, Thomas highlights two key objectives.

Firstlysupporting the business and product by providing insightful endpoints for recommendation, personalization, and machine learning.

Secondly, building and maintaining a robust data platform that empowers the team to access and leverage data autonomously, reducing dependencies on data teams. Democratizing data access and fostering a data-driven culture are vital to ensure business growth.


Building a data-driven culture - Overcoming challenges

Creating a data-driven culture within an organization demands a shift in mindset. Thomas emphasizes that breaking away from the traditional client-service relationship and empowering internal clients to access data easily are crucial. Democratizing data access and providing business-focused insights are the initial steps. This paves the way for more advanced use cases, like machine learning and personalization, to enhance the product experience further.


Subscription metrics and revenue growth

Thomas sheds light on the essential subscription metrics that drive revenue growth. Key indicators include:

  1. the count of subscriptions
  2. average revenue per subscription
  3. gross churn
  4. net churn
  5. reactivations
  6. lifetime value
  7. lifetime duration

Balancing the cost of sales and acquisition while maximizing lifetime value is the ultimate goal for a successful subscription-based business.


Content, subscriptions, and add-ons

Thomas emphasizes that certain types of content, such as sports shows, are best suited for live streaming due to their time-sensitive nature. In contrast, series and movies can be streamed for years without losing their appeal. 

The conversation goes beyond content alone. Jeff points out that subscription value extends beyond content and can include additional features and product experiences. Thomas emphasizes that a stellar product experience can be a game-changer. For instance, features like advanced interaction options, multi-screen support, and exclusive previews can keep subscribers engaged and entice them to opt for add-ons.

Listen to learn more about the dynamic relationship between content, subscriptions, and add-ons in the ever-evolving streaming industry. 👇

Purchasely Subscription League Podcast - Molotov's Thomas Clavelloux

More about Thomas

Thomas is a seasoned data expert with over a decade of experience in various roles within consulting, scale-up, and international companies. Prior to his time at Molotov, he worked as a business consultant at Accenture. Thomas boasts a wealth of experience in analytics, data architecture, and metadata management.

Episode 29 Sneak Peek

On the unique Molotov.tv experience

“Basically, the idea is to provide a comprehensive experience on the TV landscape, whatever the device with a seamless continuity from mobiles to desktop to smart TVs to dongles that connect to your ancient TVs. This is the kind of experience that we can provide”

On leveraging AI

"Lately, we have enjoyed a worldwide boost from AI, whether generative, whether development, whether assets, whether video or pictures. This is a really enjoyable landscape to serve the wing in."

On subscription growth strategy

“This is the seamless experience where you want to look at when you intend to grow because it reduce the frictions in being able to subscribe.”

On ad-ons

“this is the kind of features that dramatically change people interact with your products, make them stay because they have exclusiveness both in the content, of course, but of course in the feature and the way they interact with the product.


Episode Topics at a Glance

  • Molotov's unique product model!
  • Impact of content quality on revenue models.
  • Utilizing add-ons like DVR hours and previews.
  • How data helps enhance the product experience.
  • Apple Vision Pro's potential impact on streaming.
  • Content differentiation for subscriptions and ad support.



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