Paywall Copywriting Guidebook

The best-kept secrets of top-performing paywalls

Visitors and subscribers are flocking to your app, but many of them still leave. Sure, some were bound to leave anyway. But what about those who stayed for more than a minute or came back for another visit?

Here's a likely culprit: your copy isn't attractive enough.

Our "Paywall Copywriting Guidebook" offers a deep dive into creating compelling paywalls. Inside, you'll explore:

  • User insights: the 1st step to effective paywall copy
  • 5 pillars of paywall copywriting
  • 7 copywriting frameworks and examples

Expect to discover some success stories and real-life examples:

  • Jigsaw: how going from aspirational to straightforward messaging led to +444% revenue and 400% renewals.
  • Curio: how new copy reflecting a deeper emotional user motive led to -80% in CPI.
  • TomTom: how value-driven clear message led to +56.8% revenue.
  • Duolingo: The impact of persistent verb-driven prompts.

This eBook shares unique insight into paywall copy optimization. Download to discover must-follow copywriting pillars, frameworks, success stories, and example paywalls.

paywall copywriting guidebook cover without background