About Purchasely

Our mission

We make apps personal, frictionless & profitable.


Your monetization ideas + Purchasely = Scalable and sustainable app monetization 💰

Purchasely is the ultimate solution designed for every team, enabling anyone with any skill set to effortlessly build, iterate, and grow mobile apps. Our comprehensive suite of features, including paywall builder,
A/B testing, personalization, onboarding, analytics, and placement, covers everything you need on a daily basis to monetize and expand your app. At Purchasely, we make your dream our goal, empowering you to the fullest.

Purchasely is not just a tool; it's your app growth partner.

Our customers

know the smart path


Ambitious companies with high-potential apps turn to Purchasely's app-growth infrastructure to chart their scalable growth.

Our diverse customer base includes budding startups, established app empires, and renowned multinational corporations. Together, they are collectively pushing the boundaries, elevating the global subscription experience, and setting unparalleled standards for in-app monetization practices.

Purchasely about us - We Know

We know

We know and feel your pain and frustration. That’s why we transform it into the best experience it should be.

Purchasely about us - We Care

We Care

People are not numbers. And every day, we obsessively make sure our customer and subscriber experience is the best it can be.

Purchasely about us - We Collaborate

We Collaborate

There’s no ’I’ in Team. And there are no egos either. We all have equal input and share ideas with our customers, partners and colleagues.

Purchasely about us - We Dream

We Dream

Go big or go home is our mantra. It’s the fire in our bellies that drives our vision to transform any app into a global subscription company.

Purchasely about us - We Matter

We Matter

What we do matters. We impact the daily business success of our customers and, as importantly, the daily lives of their subscribers.

🚀 Our investors

We’re backed by some of the world's leading investors.


Seed Capital

Handcrafted in London and Paris. Dissenters Welcome.

Kima Ventures

Kima Ventures

Venture Capital

The most active business angel in the world.

Jean-David Blanc

Jean-David Blanc

Serial entrepreneur in the media industry

Founder & CEO at Molotov, the TV platform

Niklas Jansen

Niklas Jansen

Entrepreneur from Berlin

Co-founder of Blinkist

Antoine Martin

Antoine Martin

Mobile entrepreneur & investor

Founder of Zenly, acquired by Snap

Amirhossein Malekzadeh-1

Amirhossein Malekzadeh

Tech entrepreneur & investor

Founder & CEO at Logmatic, acquired by Datadog

Grégoire Mercier

Grégoire Mercier

Mobile entrepreneur & investor

Founder of Adddict Mobile, acquired by Digital Virgo

Renate Nyborg

Renate Nyborg

Subscription-based business expert

Former CEO of Tinder. Ex Apple, ex Headspace

Guillaume Sztejnberg

Guillaume Sztejnberg

Serial entrepreneur in the mobile industry

Founder & CEO at Green Panda Games

Herve Nivon circle

Hervé Nivon

Product builder obsessed by AI and computing at scale

CTO at Scenario, the Generative AI company for game developers.


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