Target Audience - Paywall Personalization Simplified

Customize paywalls with agility to meet the needs of specific audiences and boost conversions.

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Increase conversion with custom paywalls matching your customers’ needs

Answering each customer's needs during their In-App Journey instills trust and conversion. With Target Audience, you can define which version of paywall to present to which users. 

Discover how to create and deploy the most effective paywalls with our Paywall Builder.

Targeted paywalls

Take paywall personalization up a notch with unlimited attribute customization

In addition to built-in attributes, our solution lets you create audience segments based on your own data. Without limit, you can designate and associate attributes and their values to create the most meaningful target audiences for your business.

Audience setup

Tailor the customer journey for any target segment

You can trigger a customized paywall at the right timing for a given audience segment. It ensures consistent delivery of contextualized experience from a touch point to another. 

Paywall per touchpoint
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Examples of use cases


Agile segmentation for paywall personalization


Flexible model


Built-in attributes


Custom attributes

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Unlimited attributes

Paywall display prioritization

Paywall display prioritization


A/B Test by audience

GDPR ready

GDPR compliant

Display the right paywalls to any user segment