Podcast: How to build a successful subscription monetization model

Subscription User Journey Podcast

Jean-François Grang, Co-founder and CPO of Purchasely, is interviewed by Jess Overton, from ironSource, a leading business platform for the App Economy.

App developers use ironSource's platform to turn their apps into successful, scalable businesses, leveraging a comprehensive set of software solutions which help them grow and engage users, monetize content, and analyze and optimize business performance to drive more overall growth.

Jess Overton joined ironSource 5 years ago and has immersed himself into the world of the App Economy. He is the Director of Demand @ ironSource Aura that empowers telecom operators to create a richer device experience,
incorporating relevant app and service recommendations to engage users throughout the lifecycle of the device.

He is the host of ironSource Aura’s “Out of the Box Podcast” - a podcast for mobile marketers looking to grow their businesses.

In this 40-minutes episode, Jess and Jeff are talking about many topics:

  • the current state of the Subscription market;
  • the challenges to face before implementing a subscription business model;
  • the central role of Paywalls combined with Segmentation and the importance to display different paywalls to different user cohorts;
  • the identification of key moments along the user journey to show the value of the subscription offer;
  • the retention tactics.

Enjoy this discussion between Jeff (based in Paris) and Jess (based in Tel Aviv).

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