Podcast: Purchasely interviewed by Remerge

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Is your app ready to make the switch to a subscription model?

In Apptivate episode #88, Jeff chimes in on why we are seeing a trend in app companies moving from advertising models to subscriptions.

Apptivate is a podcast released by Remerge since 2018. You may listen to the stories behind their apps’ growth, their achievements, and the obstacles they encountered along the way.

Enjoy this discussion between Jeff (based in Paris) and Thomas Yannopoulos, Director of Sales of Remerge (based in Boston).

Since 2014, Remerge have contributed to the growth of hundreds of apps across all major verticals, including gaming, delivery, e-commerce, and travel. Its international team of specialists heps app businesses achieve their most fundamental goals: grow, boost revenue, and encourage user loyalty.


2:57 Jean-François’s background

6:07 What is Purchasely and why was it created

8:12 Why in-app purchases are a pain in the apps

10:42 The movement from advertising to subscriptions

15:44 Who is shifting to subscriptions and why

19:42 Is there a consumer threshold for subscriptions vs ads

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