Grow your app business using Adjust and Purchasely

Data User Journey Acquisition

Adjust, and Purchasely integration allows you to track every important subscription event, intelligently visualize complex app user journeys, and make smarter business and marketing decisions to maximize the growth of your app.

Adjust Integration

Adjust is a popular mobile attribution and analytics company based in Berlin. With a focus on fraud prevention and data security, the solution provides app marketers with an intelligent business platform, combining measurement for advertising sources with an advanced analytics suite. By allowing you to tailor an unlimited number of subscription events to your specific conversion goals, Adjust helps you dive deeper into unique KPIs such as retention, revenue, and event conversion and understand users' behavior through the entire subscription journey: how they arrived at your app, how they interact with it, and how those behaviors and patterns compare and differ across cohorts.

How to set up the Adjust Integration 

The integration requires two simple steps:

1. Associate the user to events by providing the Adjust ID to the Purchasely SDK. 
2. Activate the Adjust integration in the Purchasely Console.

Head over here for a step by step instruction on how to integrate Adjust with Purchasely

Grow your app business using Adjust and Purchasely

Generate rich subscription events with Purchasely

Rich subscription events are the only and essential source of insight into what is happening in your app and the quality and effectiveness of your in-app marketing. They also allow you to determine the value of each app user. 

Purchasely lets you track and send event data from your applications to Adjust securely for effective measurement and analytics. 

(You can find the complete list here)

  • SUBSCRIPTION_STARTED: Sent when a user purchases a consumable product or starts a subscription
  • SUBSCRIPTION_RENEWED: Sent when a subscription renews
  • TRIAL_STARTED: Sent when a trial starts
  • TRIAL_CONVERTED: Sent when a user converts from a free trial to a normal paid-period
  • TRIAL_NOT_CONVERTED: Sent when a user finishes a trial period without renewal. 
  • PURCHASE_VALIDATED: Sent when a user purchases a one-time purchase (consumable or not consumable)
  • SUBSCRIPTION_REACTIVATED: Sent when an expired subscription is reactivated. This event is beneficial for win-back & retargeting campaigns.
  • SUBSCRIPTION_REFUNDED_REVOKED: Sent when a subscription is refunded

What you can do with Adjust

  • Work with a predefined list of custom events as specified by Adjust
  • Track conversion data such as clicks and impressions using real-time tracking and attribution
  • Get insights on user sessions, activities, and other valuable KPIs
  • Modify deep links to track user data 
  • Automate retargeting and re-engagement by deploying personalized campaigns and tailored experiences to specific user segments based on tracked actions
  • Automatically calculate the LTV of your users that belong to cohorts, identifying when you start profiting from paid campaigns
  • Detect and prevent fraud with efficient ad fraud detection capabilities

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