Meet Purchasely at droidcon Berlin 2022

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Come see Purchasely at droidcon Berlin 2022, the premier android development conference!

Fantastic news for Android experts! 

Purchasely is coming to Berlin to attend droidcon Berlin 2022 - the world’s biggest in-person event dedicated to the international Android community. 

Droidcon will bring together the best and brightest talents and companies in the mobile industry to network, share ideas, and explore the latest innovations.

  • When? July 6 – 8, 2022 

  • Where? Sponsor Area at the CityCube Berlin

Join the talk

Speech session-3

Join Kevin Herembourg, Purchasely’s Android maestro as he spills all his knowledge on In-App Subscription for all Android devices and walks us through how to cease the business opportunities on non-Google Play Services Android devices such as Amazon Fire products and Huawei phones.

  • When? July 6, 2022 / 3:20pm - 4:00pm CET

  • Where? Room 3

The talk will cover:

  • What are the emerging stores?
  • What are the common and distinct functionalities?
  • How to define an abstraction layer to handle all common use cases?
  • What can you do only from the server-side?
  • How to distribute your apps and manage your dependencies?

Drop by and say hi!

Come to the Sponsors Area at droidcon Berlin 2022 to meet the Purchasely team! You’ll also have the chance to see for yourself:

  • Simply the easiest and the most powerful no-code paywall builder: We’ll show you how anyone can design, build and manage gratifying and effective paywalls without coding.
  • Flexible A/B testing: We’ll show you how Purchasely makes it easy to identify the best version of your paywall campaign without having to sacrifice your time and business.
  • Subscription Analytics: Learn how to incorporate rich data analytics and visualization to make informed decisions and meaningful engagement.
  • Seamless third-party integrations: discover the widest range of 3rd party integrations and find out how you can track customer behavior and engage at every step of their lifecycle.
  • Example projects: Glean tips from what some of our clients have done to revamp their growth strategy.

We'll also sit down(or not) to answer all your questions, deep dive into any topics of your interest, and discuss the best business move you’ll ever make. Plus, we'll give you a sneak peek into our latest product update. 

Hot tip: The time and space will be limited for us to share everything, so let’s be proactive.

We invite you to get in touch with us before you come to Berlin, to set up a time for a talk or exchange questions or necessary information ahead of time.




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