Amsterdam App Marketing Roundtable Recap

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The 5th edition of Wuzzon & Adjust App Marketing Roundtable in Amsterdam on 2023, March 15 was a huge success.

Hosted by Wuzzon and Adjust, in partnership with Purchasely and CleverTap, the event brought together 50 app marketers and growth experts from all corners of the Netherland to share insights and build valuable connections.

The special occasion invited each and every participant to engage in in-depth discussions about their pain points and experiences, including the following:

⊚ Getting users pay!
⊚ All sorts of retention challenges
⊚ How payment friction leads to churns
⊚ Making influencer marketing work
⊚ Tracking the right data
⊚ Challenges in web-to-app transitions
⊚ Entering new markets
⊚ Silos between product and marketing teams

Check out some pictures from the world's largest floating Chinese restaurant, Sea Palace Amsterdam!

Sea Palace

App Maketing Roundtable 1

App Marketing Roundtable 3

App Marketing Roundtable 4

App Marketing Round Table 5




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