With Great Power Comes Green Responsibility: 5 ways your app can grow greener with Purchasely

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In a world where technology is the driving force of our daily lives, SaaS companies often engage in a never-ending game of "who's got the fancier tech."

Purchasely is not an exception.
But it stands out from the rest.

You might ask, how does that work and what makes Purchasely a greener and smarter tech solution? 

Purchasely Green SDK

Our journey, from the roots of iOS development to crafting an SDK that's won hearts in both marketing and development circles, has been fueled by a singular, unwavering mission:

To shrink our carbon footprint and make the tech world a little greener without sacrificing top-notch performance.

Now, let's dive into the nitty-gritty of what makes our eco-friendly journey so compelling, with a dash of wit thrown in:

🌳 Shrinking the SDK size: Imagine an almighty tool, trimmed down to fit into the tiniest pocket you can imagine. Yes, you've got it right – we've fine-tuned our SDK to accomplish just that by reducing its size to under 2MB.

🌳 Bye-bye forced updates, hello environmental bliss: We are (too) as tired as you are of apps constantly needing updates. That's why our SDK is all about backward compatibility, saving you from endless re-downloads and reducing the app update carbon footprint.

🌳 Caching – making data greener, not meaner: We're big fans of caching, not just in your browser but in our SDK too. By storing data efficiently on devices and tapping into CDN networks, we cut down on energy-hungry data requests.

🌳 Say NO to gadget graveyards: Planned obsolescence? Not on our watch. Our SDK plays nice with iOS versions from 12 to 17, so you can stick with your trusty device and help cut down on electronic waste. That means our SDK can run on an iPhone 5s purchased 11 years ago!

🌳 Smart computing for the win: We've ditched the server-heavy approach and gone for on-device computing. It not only makes your app faster and more private but also reduces energy consumption. Win-win!

But here's the icing on the tech-savvy cake: our green practices aren't just about contributing to making earth a better place.

They offer solid benefits for our clients, like saving resources, boosting app responsiveness, and beefing up user privacy. At the end of the day, and as we like to repeat: our focus is our clients' focus. 

So, as we continue on our eco-conscious journey, know this: Purchasely's commitment to innovation and eco-friendliness will remain unbreakable.

We're not just changing the game; we're setting a new eco-friendly benchmark in the tech world.

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