Case study: How Tipstop streamlined In-App Purchase with the right tool

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When Tipstop, a growing sports betting prediction app noticed the seriousness of the problems with fraud, customer experience, and management of different prices and plans, their first shot at addressing them was to develop a new paywall system in-house. Only after wasting a significant amount of money and time, they adopted Purchasely and streamlined the business within 2 weeks. Now they are aspiring to grow exponentially and to leverage on Paywall A/B testing.

A DIY attempt turned into a huge undertaking 

Once a business reaches a certain level of growth with an aspiration to grow further, it becomes crucial to have a clear view of the customer experience and what's being done right and wrong in the business practice. 

Such understanding helps every business make better, more informed decisions and pursue the desired position amongst competitors. 

Tipstop, a young app company dedicated to sports betting predictions, was very much aware of this part of the successful business equation as the number of installs was growing exponentially while some significant challenges were lying on their way to further growth. 

  • increase in bugs and frauds
  • frictions during the payment process
  • rough management of different prices and plans

The company's attempt to address these challenges by building a whole new paywall system in-house confronted three major roadblocks:

  • Building, iterating and managing the paywall required too much time and work.
  • Running a dynamic paywall campaign in different languages was impossible. 
  • The team couldn't integrate server-to-server notifications for Google Play and App Store mobile apps. 

A remarkable transformation

After a rigorous search, Tipstop came across a success story of an EdTech company, Nomad Education, that launched a freemium subscription business in only two weeks thanks to Purchasely, a no-code Paywall Builder that promises growth maximization, Paywall A/B testing and rapid enablement of the In-App Subscription business. 

Within only two weeks after adopting the platform, Tipstop achieved the following but not limited to:

  • Significantly reduced cost of development
  • Improved conversion rate by A/B testing various paywalls 
  • Remarkable decrease in fraud transactions
  • Quick implementation of fully dynamic native paywalls in multiple languages 
  • Reduced the number of support tickets

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