Case study: How Nomad launched a new freemium model in 2 weeks

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When the Covid-19 crisis first emerged, an impact-driven Edtech company Nomad decided to offer all their content for free during the first 6 months of the pandemic before launching a very affordable freemium model to help maximum students and pupils stay onboard during this critical period.

In the meantime, still remaining was the operational challenge to develop in parallel the premium features to be included in the subscription plans, and the technical aspect of integrating them into both iOS and Android.

The race against time

In the face of adversity brought by the pandemic, small and big businesses that depend on physical presence suffered little to severe business decline. For the French Edtech company Nomad Education which specializes in mobile learning applications, the new circumstances presented opportunities to support a new target audience - exploding number of people who were confined, immobile, and spending more time on their mobile devices.

The company wanted to seize the right moment to address the need of the young learners. At the same time, they also anticipated significant technical roadblocks in the entire development to launch process. It was a race against time, and they needed to find a solution to help them build, iterate, deploy, and manage native paywalls without giving up on the complete control of their new business model.

Purchasely-powered growth

The new Purchasely-powered freemium subscription business was a success from the initial set-up.

  1. Integrating Purchasely SDK into the native mobile application was done in just a few hours and required writing just 6 lines of code.
  2. It took only one day to integrate Purchasely webhook on the backend side, which enabled real-time notification of all subscriber events: new subscriptions, renewals, cancellations, refunds, unpaid, etc.

Thanks to the simple and easy technical integration, the tech team could focus 100% on developing content and features for future subscribers. 

Nomad Education could also benefit from leveraging various Purchasely features such as A/B testing, integration with messaging tools, and the native analytics tool providing a consolidated view on cross-platform KPIs.

Download the case study to read the inspiring story.



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