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The 1st Purchasely-Amazon implementation is live and running with TRACE, a global broadcast and digital media company (through its OTT solution partner Molotov Solutions). It enables App Publishers to easily and quickly monetize their existing Android apps on Amazon Fire Tablet, Stick and TV, and, very soon, Windows 11.

Amazon, one of the best Google Play alternatives

Amazon Appstore has built into the main alternative to Google Play since its launch in March 2011. Even more so as its hardware sales have been increasing and allowing it to develop high market share in markets such as North America and EMEA and building on the awareness and penetration of its on-demand video offer, via Amazon Prime. 

Offering around 500K Apps, Amazon Appstore  is smaller than Google Play, but the Amazon ecosystem is key to App Publishers as Amazon Appstore is the only way to distribute Apps to Fire Tablet and Fire TV

In 2020 Amazon Fire Stick 4K was the best-selling streaming device, making Amazon the largest connected TV device manufacturer (13 million units shipped in Q4 2020, source: Strategy) and today 1 out of 3 of US broadband households is accessing Amazon video devices.

Quickly set-up and launch subscriptions that comply with app stores guidelines to enjoy faster time to revenue and avoid rejections and delays.

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More choices for App Developers

Android app store alternatives have been a reality in Asia for many years. Manufacturers, such as Huawei, are preloading their own application marketplace on their devices.

Regulatory bodies on both sides of the Atlantic are also embracing the topic of public application marketplace competition - or absence of -, and the pressure to stimulate the emergence of alternative app stores is growing:

  • The European Union has introduced new rules to regulate the relationships between developers and Apple & Google in 2020.

  • In the US, 3 Senators introduced a new bill called “Open App Markets” in August 2021, asking to require Apple & Google to allow third-party app stores on their operating system.

At Purchasely, we believe that the number of app stores will grow in the near future and that App Publishers will expand the distribution of their apps to many Google Play alternatives. 

The increase in this distribution opportunities will mean a growing complexity for developers. Unless you use Purchasely ;o)

Amazon Appstore is an attractive ecosystem

Amazon is eager to incentivise Publishers and Developers to join its Appstore and develop a more mature offer and services to its Users. 

A couple of announcements made in June are directly targeted at accelerating this adoption from by offering low-hanging fruit benefits:

  • reduce developer fees down to 20% on Apps which earn less than $1 million in revenue per year (see the #2 Issue of our Newsletter, Purchasely Takeaways).

  • Microsoft and Amazon announced plans to bring the Amazon Appstore to Windows 11 later this year. This means Apps powered by Purchasely will automatically become compatible with Windows 11 (see the #3 Issue of our Newsletter, Purchasely Takeaways).

Purchasely is the first In-App Subscription Platform to support multiple Google Play alternatives

Because Purchasely team had already experienced first hand the challenges distributing and monetizing Apps across 2 different Operating Systems, we took it upon ourselves to ensure keeping to date and facilitating access to all major Google Play alternatives to empower Publishers and Developers to quickly deploy In-App Purchasing to gain access to the largest addressable audience. 

And Purchasely is proud to already power the entire In-App Purchases Management flow for: 

  • Amazon (since May 2021)

  • Huawei (since 2020).

Purchasely is the only SaaS to deliver easy In-App Purchase management from Build, User Interface Management, KPI tracking to robust Reporting Analytics for marketers.

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And the 1st Purchasely-Amazon implementation is live and running

TRACE, the global broadcast and digital media company specialized in afro urban music and entertainment, trusted Purchasely, through its OTT solution partner Molotov Solutions, to power all In-App Subscriptions management for its TRACE+ mobile and TV Apps.

François Le Pichon, COO of Molotov Solutions, shares:

"With the rise of the Fire Stick and the announced partnership with Windows 11, Amazon In-App Purchasing has become a must-have for our ecosystem. We had previously integrated Apple and Google In-App Purchases for our Customers using Purchasely. When a request emerged from TRACE+ to enable In-App Purchase in the Amazon Appstore, it was a natural choice to turn to Purchasely again. They came out with the integration in a few weeks, and we were able to integrate it very easily, only building from our existing Android App. This was overall a very seamless and pleasant experience knowing that it also involved a full switch and migration of users."

Cyrille Truchot, Backend Developer at Molotov Solutions says:

As a backend engineer, implementing the Purchasely server-to-server webhooks was really simple and straightforward. We started with the Google and Apple stores, and there was no comparison in terms of development effort between implementing Google/Apple IAP hooks and Purchasely hooks. That was a real time saver. Later on, Purchasely added the Amazon Appstore support, and I had just nothing to do, it worked right out of the box.

As for the migration of our users’ purchases, the process was really smooth and the Purchasely team was available to guide us through the migration efficiently, for the Amazon Appstore and the other stores as well.

Nicolas Tissier, CEO of Purchasely, says

"We support Amazon In-App Purchasing for the past 5 months as our Android SDK is Amazon-ready since the beginning of May. We also have the unique capacity to import pre-existing subscribers if any. The project with TRACE and Molotov Solutions includes a successful migration phase of thousands of subscribers.

We have many customers in the media industry and we want to offer them the largest cross-platform solution. By design, our Android SDK has the capacity to connect Apps to many stores. As Amazon Appstore is an increasingly important player, we wanted to integrate it very early, well before the announcements of Windows 11 compatibility, which made this choice even more relevant.

By being the first to support both Amazon and Huawei, Purchasely demonstrates its technological leadership among the In-App Subscription ecosystem."

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