In-App Purchases: the ultimate guide to the perfect use


In-App Purchase and Subscription bring bigger and recurring monetization opportunities.

Because of the simpler link between the marketing, sales, and delivery process compared to the effort of selling physical things, In-App Purchase and Subscription can be an extremely attractive business model for app owners.

But succeeding with this revenue model can involve layers of work that require technical, financial and human resources, time, and business know-how, including:

  • Finding the right retention and conversion strategies and tactics (e.g., onboarding, paywalls, etc.)
  • Iterative testings
  • Getting the in-app product and the app approved by hosting app stores
  • Collecting and leveraging subscription data for improving the full subscription funnel



This 14-page whitepaper provides an ultimate guide to defining your product type, making the In-App Purchase work, avoiding rejections, and maximizing revenues.

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