Purchasely & RevenueCat Integration - How Breakthrough is pushing the boundaries of growth


Breakthrough is an app development and management studio helping fitness coaches to productize their coaching into an app. With its wide range of services that includes app monetization through in-app subscriptions, the company is growing its customer base at an impressive scale. 

​​To facilitate the speed of growth and ensure delivering value to its customers, Breakthrough implemented Purchasely powered paywall optimization on top of an existing transaction management tool. The implementation involved 3 simple steps.

  1. Console configuration
  2. Purchasely SDK implementation
  3. Paywall Actions Interceptor implementation

Groundbreaking achievements included the followings.

  • Cut the paywall development time from 3 months to 1 hour
  • Now runs 1 A/B test every 2 months
  • 66% to 300% increase in conversion

Download the Case Study for the full story.

Read about how Breakthrough implemented Purchasely on top of an existing transaction management tool and is helping apps increase conversion with dynamic paywall optimization.

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