Top 10 Paywall Design Tips: Lessons from winning subscription apps


Visually captivating paywall designs often feature aesthetically appealing elements, but the best kinds strike a balance between visual appeal, user experience, usability, and functionality. The Purchasely team of UX, UI, and growth experts has conducted extensive research on various subscription apps across different industries, and they have identified several key paywall design patterns and elements used by the most innovative subscription apps.

These design patterns and elements include:

    • Understanding users' needs and preferences
    • Giving users control over their subscription options
    • Building trust and transparency through clear communication and fair pricing
    • Tapping into human emotions and psychology to encourage users to make a purchase
    • Providing additional value beyond just access to content or features

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This eBook shares 10 practical design tips with matching examples to help readers design paywalls that convert users.

Top 10 Paywall design tips