Checklist for safe In-App Purchase and Subscription take-off

In-App Purchase

Your first app version with In-App Purchases is about to take-off and you will soon be getting money out of that work.

Fasten your seatbelt, your tray tables must be in an upright position, no flight attendant will be passing around but here is a list of additional instructions you want to follow for a safe journey.

You know, better safe than sorry.

Add your In-App Purchases to your build in the App Store Connect

The very first version of your app that offers In-App Purchases, needs to have an In-App product attached to the release. This is required for the very first release, for the next ones you can either add them here or submit them individually in the In-App Purchases management section.

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Check your Subscriptions Group hierarchy 

If you have multiple grades of your subscription (e.g. Silver/Gold or Monthly/Yearly) make sure your subscriptions are correctly organized. These levels are used to define upgrade, crossgrade and downgrade behaviors.

The higher grade must be set as level 1 the others follow in a descending order. If two subscriptions have the same grade they can share the same level.

Check your In-App products’ screenshots accuracy

To make sure your app complies with the App Store guidelines, Apple requires that you add a screenshot of your paywall design. (i.e. The paywall is where your In-App product is displayed).

Add the General Terms of Sale in your app description

Apple requires that you add your terms and conditions to the description of your app : they can be entered as text or you can add a link to them.

Check your paywalls deeplinks are working properly

Every paywall you designed with Purchasely has a deeplink associated. Make sure that they are working properly so your CRM campaigns and Promoted In-App Purchases will work.

Share your paywalls deeplinks in the review notes 

Apple has a meticulous review process regarding In-App Subscriptions to make sure that users are not misled. Paywall review is very important in that process. Even though Purchasely enforces a lot of Apple rules you want to make sure that they comply with the App review guidelines.If you have several active paywalls in your app, make sure to copy/paste the deeplinks for each paywall you use in the review note or your app will be rejected.

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Offer a « Restore purchase » button somewhere in your app

Apple wants your customer to be able to retrieve their previous purchase in your app. So make sure that you have a « Restore purchase » button and make sure it works! If you’re using Purchasely a restore link is automatically added to your paywalls but it’s a good idea to add it in your Account or Settings screen.

Display the anonymous_id in your app 

If your app can be used without requiring the user to register, Purchasely will generate an anonymous_id that ties the purchase to the device.
Make sure to display and allow copy pasting of the anonymous_id somewhere in the app. This will be a great help for your customer support to handle requests from anonymous users.

If you are migrating to Purchasely check that previous subscribers are still active

Make sure a user who subscribed before you implemented Purchasely is still logged-in in the app version with Purchasely and that you can find his subscription in Purchasely.

If everything worked properly down this list you are ready to launch, here is a snack and drink after all. 

Take 2 minutes to check if you are eligible for one of those Apple programs so you can lower the Apple commission to 15% instead of 30%.



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