Advanced techniques to improve the subscription funnel

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Back in April 2023, the App Growth Summit Berlin was the place to be. Why? Jeff Grang, the CPO of Purchasely, picked that very stage to share his insights on subscription funnel optimization.

Advanced Techniques to Improve the Subscription Funnel - Session recording

The session, "Advanced Techniques to Improve the Subscription Funnel" was one-of-a-kind at the event. Jeff not only talked about stage-specific paywall tactics for conversion and churn prevention but also brought them to life with successful examples from apps he's helped grow. 

Missed out? We've got you covered with the full session recording from AGS Berlin 2023 because every app enthusiast deserves to be in on the strategies to max out their app’s growth potential.

Here's to transport you right back to AGS Berlin 2023. Enjoy!


Full-funnel monetization tips: Key takeaways

Paywall and content customization

💎 (04:55) Display several paywalls: from something very generic that explains the whole subscription on the first session to something very specific as users access the paywall from different places of your application. 

💎  (22:10) Improve and optimize niches. There are overperformers and underperformers (e.g., young people, specific geos, etc.). You want to optimize for these different segments. Example: health & fitness app Fitness Coach from Luni developed a program with the UFC with different content for a male audience.

Free trial duration and extension

💎 (12:20)You should have a free trial duration that matches the discovery time: your expectation of how long it takes users to experience your app.


💎 (12:20)To improve the trial-to-paid experience, you can offer users a second chance by allowing them to extend their trial if they didn’t experience the app. You can also lower the barrier with a discount.

Preventing churn

💎 (18:40) Apple gives you information on upcoming expired credit cards. Send users an email + notification to let them know their card is expiring, so they can fix it.

💎 (19:40) You should put an unsubscribe button in your settings that gets users through an in-app cancellation flow so you can gather data from users on:

  • Why they want to cancel
  • What they liked about the app.


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