15 Podcasts about App Economy to listen to right now


This is the first article in a series on useful resources if you are working in the Mobile App industry. We have compiled 15 best podcasts about the App Economy, mobile marketing and business models deployed by mobile apps. 

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As the App Economy is booming, many podcasts have been launched by Influencers, App Marketing Agencies, Events Producers and Vendors.

Please find below our picks of the 15 best podcasts to listen to right now.

Hundreds of hours of expertise, best practices and sharing of experience.

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Name Produced by Topics Number of Episodes      
Apptivate Remerge App marketing explained, one expert at a time 99      
Appy Hour Talk Show  App Growth Summit Presented by Louis Tanguay: always fun, semi-informative, always relevant and slightly irreverent! 27      
Business of Apps Podcast Business of Apps Actionable insights from the leaders of the global app industry 79      
Growth Masterminds Singular and John Koetsier Smart user acquisition and mobile growth pros sharing their best insights 30      
How I Grew This Branch Dive into the stories behind the world’s top companies growth 61      
Level Up UA Appsflyer A journey of discovery in mobile gaming, speaking to experts to navigate through the every-changing ad tech landscape 7      
MAU [Talk] MAU Vegas Conversations with leaders in the mobile app marketing spa 16      
Mobile App Makers Olivier Destrebecq The podcast for SaaS CEOs who want to create a mobile app version of their service 12      
Mobile Dev Memo Podcast Eric Seufert For mobile advertisers and app developers 24      
Mobile Growth & Pancakes Storemaven We bring in guests to discuss Mobile Growth and their favorite pancake toppings 27      
Mobile Growth Nightmares Andy Carvell & Gessica Bicego Failures, missed opportunities and embarrassing blunders leading to lessons learned in the world of mobile growth 18      
Mobile Growth Summit Podcasts Mobile Growth Association   100      
Mobile Presence Peggy Anne Salz Your destination for the trends, tools and tips that will allow you to connect with your customers and increase revenues 500      
Mobile User Acquisition Show RocketShip HQ Strategies, tips and pointers from the leading edge of mobile user acquisition 126      
Retention Masterclass John Koestier & Peggy Anne Salz Customer retention 25      
This table will be continuously updated.

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