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No secret to our customers that we’ve been working hard on a new console for them. Our very first one lived way more that expected and it's time to share it.

It is not a secret to our customers that we’ve been working hard on a new console for them. Our very first one lived way more that expected and it is time to bring a new, simple and evolutive tool that both marketers and developers would be delighted to use in in order to deploy and pilot subscription business.

Let’s make a quick tour of that new console.

Purchasely is the only In-App Subscription SaaS platform from build to interface, compliant with mobile, TV and app store guidelines. Purchasely gives Marketers full control and ease to increase and retain cross-channel subscribers — in days instead of weeks.

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 New navigation

We have introduced a new menu that will bring the full focus on your app and let you switch from one app to another in just a click. No more frenetic back, back, back in your browser.

The console will open on your last visited app and its dashboard so that you can analyse your daily subscription performances.

By clicking on your company name in the bottom you will access to your company aggregated dashboards.

That menu will soon welcome new features to improve conversion and retention.

Keep your products and plans organized

As your app grows you will probably offer new products or add variations to your products (plans).

Our new “Products & plans” dashboard gives a great vision over your products. In a blink of an eye you can see all your products, wether they are available on the Apple App Store, Google Play Store or Huawei AppGallery.

Deliver a seamless and consistent cross-channel experience for your subscribers at every step with complete control over your In-App Purchase flow screens and design.

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 Larger use of presentations

Presentations are the critical assets for your marketing strategies in order to convert better and upsell more efficiently. Therefore we improved how you interact with them and what you could do with them.

First of all, our subscription paywalls are no longer tied to a specific product but are linked to the app. That means that if you sell multiple products, you will be able to do it within a single paywall.

You are still able to set a default paywall for a product if you need it.

One last (great) thing is that you can set a default paywall for a plan that will be used by our SDK when doing a Promoted In-App Purchased on iOS. This will let you display a single plan and avoid a downselling that might occur when a customer chooses the annual plan on the App Store and sees a subscription screen with both yearly and monthly plans.

So much more to come

This new console is just a first step to welcome new features soon and we will continue by improving our paywall editor to reach the user experience beauty of design tools like Figma or Sketch.

A big 👏 to our engineering team for such a great re-shape of a tool that is used every day by our customers. If you want to join that amazing team,send us an email.

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